Commit 00ed2b0e authored by Mike Jones's avatar Mike Jones 馃尪

Add Dockerfile

parent d796ee3b
FROM golang:1.11.1-alpine3.7 as builder
LABEL maintainer="Mike Jones"
RUN mkdir -p /go/src/
COPY . /go/src/
RUN apk update && apk upgrade && \
apk add --no-cache git gcc musl-dev
WORKDIR /go/src/
RUN go get ./... && \
go build -o /opt/modlastfm cmd/modlastfm/main.go && \
apk del --purge git gcc musl-dev && \
rm -rf /go/bin /go/pkg /var/cache/apk/*
RUN chmod +x /opt/modlastfm
FROM scratch
COPY --from=builder /opt /opt
ENTRYPOINT ["/opt/modlastfm"]
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